Mrs. Almeyda Shelton’s postcard, circa 1919

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Mr. J. W.  Whitehead: —
Please send me samples of your navy blue tafatta [sic], width & price. Please send them at once.
Mrs. Almeyda Shelton
R.F.D. #1. Gretna Va.
[addressed to]
Mr. J.W. Whitehead & Son,

Date of postcard cancellation unclear, perhaps Gretna, Jun? 23? 1919 or 1915?
Postcard printed by J.P. Bell Company, Lynchburg, VA.

The picture on the front of the postcard is of the Monroe School in Lynchburg, Virginia. If one looks closely, children can be seen in the schoolyard.

From the J.W. Whitehead & Son Collection, the Pittsylvania Historical Society ( ), Chatham, Virginia.

Photographer B. L. Dearing


In the early 1900s, B.L. Dearing was a photographer in Chatham, Virginia. His studio was located in his house on Reid Street (behind the present-day post office on Main Street).

It is believed that this photograph was taken in his studio in Chatham.  Mr. Dearing was looking into a mirror when he took this shot.

From the Dearing Family Collection, courtesy the Virginia/North Carolina Piedmont Genealogical Society ( ), Danville, Virginia.