Eisenhower vs. Stevenson: Student Election

This damaged picture, from the 1950s, comes from the Preston B. Moses Collection, courtesy the Moses family. It was presumably taken in a Pittsylvania County school. One of the students has been identified as Hallam Hurt. (I love the girls’ clothing and hairstyles!)

Baptism in Pittsylvania County

Baptisms were often held in Pittsylvania County at the conclusion of revivals. A Rev. Mr. Lake wrote that at one baptismal held at Kentuck, Virginia in 1871, he baptized “forty-three persons — some far advanced in life — and some six or eight more will be baptized at our next meeting.” (The Christian Era, Boston, Massachusetts, August 17, 1871.) Baptisms were also often held at the conclusion of the Pentecostal Holiness camp meetings held in the summer in Dry Fork, Virginia, in the 1920s and 1930s.

Undated picture (probably mid-1900s) from the Preston B. Moses collection, courtesy the Moses family. Artistic touches added by Sarah E. Mitchell.