Lillie Hatcher (from Louisa Evans’ album)

The back of the photograph seems to say Lillie Hatcher, but I’m not certain. I do love the young lady’s clothing and hair!

The photograph was taken by a studio in Richmond, Virginia. I have tried to find a Lillie Hatcher in Virginia census records that would be correct age for this photo, and the closest I found was a lady born in 1873. (Of course, her name could actually have been Lillian or something else.)

Louisa Evans’ Album: 3rd photo


The third photo from the Louisa A. Evans’ album was taken at the Richmond Photograph Co. at 827 1/2 Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia.

The gentleman does appear to have a watch fob/chain near his waist, but the blob above that seems to be damage to the photograph.

I love the typography and design on the back of the photo! And, yes, the back really is that pink-ish color. The picture on the front has a boarder of the same pink, which I cropped digitally away.